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EPISODE #8 Solange Bunte Balken Durchlaufen


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    cover artwork by Justina Ampletzer// The cover artwork is based on her graphic recordings during the Alligator Gozaimasu Online Special hosted in Februray 2021 by Orange 'Ear, Berlin,Germany
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Upane Kapane 01:49
Des und des 05:22
Swim Swim 05:09
Granatäpfel 04:29
Title: Pomegranates A few more years we still have for ourselves A few more years, then everything is gone. Apples fall in the garden behind the house. Like weeds, you rip out grey hair. The Neighbour says: "The sun will burn out." You could already feel that every evening. And, full of sorrows, he is grabbing the fence Decay was all you could still build on. A few hours we still have for ourselves. A few hours we are still sparkling colourful. Still, the apples fall behind the house. And we just laugh at those who hate. You tell the neighbour: "I'm happy to burn out as long as i still can feel peace until the end." And you change his sorrows into trust And then, you kiss me in the deepest evening dread. A few seconds we still have for us a few seconds still one last wish Like apples, grenades fall behind the house. We still breathe in one more time and never out again.


EPISODE 8 *** Tracklist & Credits

01 Die Rennsemmel

Thomas Glatz (banjo, field recordings, PDF-read-aloud text, production), Lachpillenonkel (field recordings), Phoebe Lesch (sounds), Andrea Lesjak (amplified glass)

02 Upane Kapane

The lyrics were sung and danced by Johannes Cassian, taken from a tribal dance originating in New Zealand: „Upane Kapane“ means „A step upward, another step upward“.
The lyrics refer to a small excerpt from "Ka Mate“, a Māori haka by Te Rauparaha dating to 1820. The haka starts with a chant and is a celebration of life over death after Te Raupaharas lucky escape. He had hidden from pursuing Ngāti Maniapoto and Waikato enemies in a pātaka, a food-storage pit, and climbed back into the light to be met by a chief friendly to him – Te Whareangi (the "hairy man"). Dance choreography by Lena Goham, musical composition and performance on Aimée by Mucho Pitchu.

03 Always hated Sundays

Klaus Erika Dietl (bass synthesizer, production), Helena Hartmann (text, vocals), Stephanie
Müller aka Rag Treasure (spring reverb, voice noise), The Hercules And Leo Case (Maria
Berauer, Katrin Petroschkat, Karolin Knote: drums, vocal performance)

04 Immer fließen, niemals rasten

Colin Djukic (field recordings, rolling pin, composition, lyrics, voice), Thomas Glatz (sounds), Mucho Pitchu (sounds), Max Müller (composition, production, keys, arrangement)

05 Bee Queen Mating Call

Sampled mating call of Queen Clarissa and her drones; all other noises from Aimée played by Mucho Pitchu

06 Des und des

Dominic Caudr (electronic compositions), Klaus Erika Dietl (sounds), Thomas Glatz (field recordings, production, voice, whirlies), Martin Krejci aka Institut für Leistungsabfall und Kontemplation (noise), Caspar Lesjak (electronic beats), Gemma Meulendijks (vocals, cello), Mimosa Pale (singing saw), Nunofyrbeeswax (Angela Muñoz, Davide Maione: sounds), The Hercules And Leo Case (Maria Berauer, Karo Knote, Katrin Petroschkat: vocal beats), Lina Zylla (voice loops)

07 Swim Swim

Klaus Erika Dietl (electronic rhythms), GusMoi (drums, piano, synthbass), Stephanie Müller aka RagTreasure (field recordings, kazoo)

08 Resonanzflocken

Klaus Erika Dietl (water bells, telescope tube bassoon), Colin Djukic (sounds), Jo (traffic sign
percussion), Elisabeth Anna Maria Kaiser (percussion, text, vocals), Djibril Mbow (djembe,
text. Vocals), Stephanie Müller aka Rag Treasure (kazoo, production, text, tom toms, vocals),
Paula Emilia Zuccon (text, vocals)

09 "Mein Planet fängt mit "E" an." -"Erde!" - "Und Deiner?"- "Auch "Erde".

Klaus Erika Dietl (sounds), Colin Djukic (distorted voice), Thomas Glatz (hengdrum, field recordings, production, sounds, whirlies), Helena Hartmann (text, vocals), Sarah Ines (percussion), Gemma Meulendijks (vocals), Stephanie Müller aka Rag Treasure (sounds), Mucho Pitchu (sounds, beats)

10 Granatäpfel

Klaus Erika Dietl (bass synthie, field recordings), Tom Grünig (drums), Nicolai Herrmann (lyrics & music, production, vocals, electric guitars, piano, bass, VST instruments * horns, violin, electric piano, polyphonic synthesizer, pad*), Djibril Mbow (djembe), Cetty Perdichizzi (vocals)

11 I cant´t recognize

Colin Djukic (sounds), Sebastian Giussani aka Gustavo Moi (sounds), Thomas Glatz (banjo, field recordings, production, sounds), Fredi Grosser (text, vocals), Robert Hofmann (percussion), Sarah Ines (percussion, vocals), Jo (field recordings), Gemma Meulendijks (cello), Nunofyrbeeswax (Angela Muñoz, Davide Maione: composition, guitar, drums), Aoi Swimming (vocals), The Hercules And Leo Case (Maria Berauer, Karo Knote, Katrin Petroschkat: vocal percussion), Lina Zylla (voice loops)

12 Die Grippe und die Menschen

Dominic Caudr (electronic composition), Lachpillenonkel (production), Phoebe Lesch (vocals)

The lyrics refer to the poem „Die Grippe und die Menschen“ (The Influenza and the People), published in March 1920 by the Swiss satire magazine „Nebelspalter“ (Fog Splitter) still under shock of the carnage produced by the Spanish Flu. The poem reflects on the difficulties lots of people have with uncertain circumstances. It shows how problematic it can be when people keep on denying the impact of the pandemic.

ALLIGATOR GOZAIMASU is a fluid being. Our collective consists of many different voices. We are open for constructive discussions and criticism. However, we do not accept positions that deny the impact of the pandemic. There are many people out there who belong to risk groups and who keep on suffering from long Covid syndromes. One of our fellow musicians lost his life because of the virus. We feel connected with him and everybody else who is struggeling and helping out there.

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Press voice:

13 The Pocket Has A Hole

Ruslan Boyarin (field recordings, production), Klaus Erika Dietl (keyboards), Stephanie Müller aka Rag Treasure (field recordings), Leila Chang (text, vocals)

14 Pan Ani (Mental Aerobics, Lesson One)

Nicolai Herrmann - production, AI voice, scratches, VST instruments (drum kit, pianos, polyphonic synth)

Choir of Nyarubuye, Rwanda (lyrics, vocals) - recorded on location by Nicolai Herrmann, on tour in 2019

15 Weltende reloaded

a track by Laura Melis Theis (composition, piano, vocals), remixed by Mucho Pitchu on Aimée

Alligator Gozaimsu (pronunciation: Alligator Goh-sai-mahs) refers to the Japanese expression Arigato Gozaimasu (English: Thank You Very Much), just with a bity „Alligator“-spice on top



ALLIGATOR GOZAIMASU is made of many heads, voices and noises. The sound collective with about 60 members, spread all over the world, is back on the map with their upcoming release: Solange bunte Balken durchlaufen (engl.: As Long As Render Bars Go Colourful). The album title refers to the process of rendering in audio or video editing programmes.
The centerpiece of the XXL band is the experimental pop group beißpony (ChicksOnSpeed Records/ RagRec). In the midst of the lockdown beißpony's percussionist and songwriter Stephanie Müller reactivated a music collaboration that had already started in 2014. In spring 2020, step by step, more artists and sound lovers joined in.

During the process of sharing sonic fragments, voices and noises online, the collective decided to try an album in episodes: an album that is open for all the different circumstances and needs of such a large band, an album that celebrates mood swings and listens closely to the different tempi in these days.

The artists

... come from Berlin, Bremerhaven, Horb am Neckar, Munich, Salzburg, Vienna and Zurich, from Phoenix (Arizona, USA), Dakar (Senegal), Istanbul (Turkey), Ivano Frankivsk (Ukraine), Oxford
(UK), Banjul (Gambia), Rome (Italy), Sevilla (Spain), Turku (Finnland) and Tokyo (Japan).

The album * Solange Bunte Balken Durchlaufen * As Long As Render Bars Go Colourful

Something vague is raising its voice inbetween the lines. The eigth episode consists of 14 songs. They swing along with all the ups and downs of the these days. The episode celebrates the beauty of delay. Digital interferences and latencies are not edited. Instead they become a mutual part of the collaborative compositions.

Cover Artwork

by Justina Ampletzer// The cover artwork is based on her graphic recordings during the Alligator Gozaimasu Online Special hosted in Februray 2021 by Orange 'Ear, Berlin,Germany

The release

Starting in July 2020 sound lovers are heartily invited to enter ALLIGATOR GOZAIMASU's sonic cosmos and to join the journey as long as render bars go colourful. Each release will be shared via bandcamp. All contributions will be donated. This time to Sea Watch e.V..

Enjoy listening *


released April 30, 2021

ALLIGATOR GOZAIMASU – a band of many voices

Şevket Akıncı, Hannah Aram, Dr. Bewald, Bleedingblackwood aka Timo C Engel, Ruslan Boyarin, Marie Brandis, Tom + Milo Brandis, Johannes Cassian, Dominic Caudr, Leila Chang, Agente Costura, Cup & Saucers (Miyuki Mori, Mari Watanabe), Klaus Erika Dietl, Colin Djukic, DOCTORELLA (Kerstin Grether, Sandra Grether), Daniel Door, gamut inc (Marion Wörle), Joi Garbe aka Struppig Tanzen, Sebastian Giussani aka Gustavo Moi, Thomas Glatz, Fredi Grosser, Tom Grünig, Karl Hagen, Inga Ramona Hansen aka INGA, Helena Hartmann, Kornelia Hartmann, Tizia Hartmann, Nicolai Herrmann, Robert Hofmann, Lara Holy, Sezgin Inceel, Sarah Ines, Institut für Leistungsabfall und Kontemplation (Martin Krejci), Barros Jallow, Dorothee Jakubowski, Jo, Alexander Kaiser, Elisabeth Anna Maria Kaiser, Anton Kaun aka rumpeln, Moni Kliche, Simon Kummer, Lachpillenonkel, Phoebe Lesch, Andrea Lesjak, Caspar Lesjak, Armelle Marcadé, Verena Marisa, Corinna Mattner aka Romy Hood, Lilo Mattner, Djibril Mbow, Gemma Meulendijks aka M I A, Miboujin (Mei Ann, Yuko Fukasawa 深澤優子, Izumi Hirakawa 平川いずみ), Magnus Mösch, Mutcho Pitchu, Stephanie Müller aka Rag Treasure, Anas Nahleh, Nick Neubert, Notum, Nunofyrbeeswax (Angela Muñoz, Davide Maione), Masako Ohta, Mimosa Pale, Rauna Pale, Cetty Perdichizzi, Andreas Purkhart, Gerda Reutlinger-Mösch, Nihal Saruhanli, Patrick Schimanski, Diet Rahlfs, Bernadette Stadler, Emil Stadler, Aoi Swimming, Shimettainu, Miu Terada aka OTACO, Billie Thomason, The Hercules And Leo Case (Maria Berauer, Katrin Petroschkat, Karolin Knote), Laura Melis Theis, Ria Uhlig, White Hot Pants (RERO * @rerotozubu, RINA * @little_shaman), Sigi Wiedemann, Pelin Arbel Yüksel, Carla Zuccon, Paula Zuccon, Fabian Zweck, Lina Zylla

… to be edited – to be continued …




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